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  Incorrect syntax in Web.config file causes 500 internal server error
  IIS 7 Custom Error page does not work
  I cannot add email account
  How to deploy asp.net MVC application?
  How to Add a Domain Alias / Paked Domain
  How do I Enable ASP.net 3 or 3.5?
  How can I access database MS SQL 2005?
  FTP Timeout occurred on receiving data from the server
  Error 500 Internal Server Error on Windows 2008
  500.19 internal server error Cannot read configuration file

  Incorrect syntax in Web.config file causes 500 internal server error

Error description: you see error page on website or in websitepanel website setting section.

Error contains details like this:

Config Error Cannot add duplicate collection entry of type 'add' with unique key attribute 'name' set to ...

Config File \\?\D:\Websites\username\yourdomain.com\wwwroot\web.config

The error means you change some website setting in control panel  and the change creates syntax error in web.config file.

To fix problem, you can remove <handlers> ... </handlers> in web.config file or delete web.config file to reset default setting.

  IIS 7 Custom Error page does not work

You configure Custom Error page in WebsitePanel but IIS error page shows up.

Reason: IIS is configured to display detailed error by default.

To enable custom error on your website, please add errorMode setting in web.config file as follows

<httpErrors errorMode="DetailedLocalOnly">


  I cannot add email account

You cannot add email account or update email settings.

Please make sure you use complicated password when adding email.

Emal password requirements are:

+ Password must be at least 6 characters.

+ Password with all numbers is not accepted.

If you still cannot create email, please contact support with email address and password details.

  How to deploy asp.net MVC application?

Asp.net MVC framework is the latest technology enables developers to create web applications easily with complete control over html markup and rich Ajax integration.

You develop MVC web application and don't know how to deploy on production environment?

The good news is there is no special configuration required when hosting website on Windows 2008 server with IIS 7.

Windows hosting service at PremiumReseller fully supports MVC application.

All you need to do is upload files to wwwroot folder and configure website running in Asp.net 2.0 Integrated Pipeline mode.

In Dotnetpanel, after you login, select hosting space -> websites -> Website setting menu

Select Extensions tab and choose Asp.net 2.0 Integrated Pipeline.

If you receive any error after following instructions above, please open ticket with technical support.

  How to Add a Domain Alias / Paked Domain

1. Login to DotNetPanel

2. Click your hosting space, check that you have at least 1 domain name unused available.

3. Navigate to Domains -> Add Domain and select Domain Alias

If you do not see Domain Alias option, you need to allocate Domain Alias resource for hosting plan / hosting space.

When you add domain alias, DotNetPanel will add a Domain and configure the domain as Website pointer to existing website.

Please make sure that you change domain dns to server dns.

It will take 12-24 hours for dns propagation on the internet.

  How do I Enable ASP.net 3 or 3.5?

How do I enable ASP.net 3 or 3.5 Hosting? I only see ASP.NET 1 or 2 in my control panel.

ASP.net 3 and 3.5 are not true asp.net versions, they are just addons for asp.net 2.0.

So enabling ASP.net 2.0 in control panel will automatically include ASP.NET 3.0 and 3.5 features.

  How can I access database MS SQL 2005?
MSSQL database is available on certain external address, and can be accessed from any client program or software that uses TCP, assuming that you have a valid login to SQL database. Here is an incomplete list of some of the common programs that can be used to connect to your database:
      - SQL server Managеment Studio
      - Microsoft Enterprise Manager
      - Microsoft Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008
      - Microsoft Query Analyzer
      - Microsoft Access
      - Macromedia Dreamweaver
A web based version of WEB Data Administrator is also available at: http://sql.asphostbg.net/

Access to the database:
Server = mssql.asphostbg.net; Database = databaseName; Uid = userName; Password = password;

  FTP Timeout occurred on receiving data from the server

You received error message "Timeout occurred on receiving data from the server" when connecting ftp.

The error is because of firewall between your computer and the server.

Please try to configure your FTP software - Data Connection Type - USE PORT

That will force ftp connection through port 21.

  Error 500 Internal Server Error on Windows 2008

You receive the error 500 Internal Server Error on Windows Server 2008 Hosting with DotNetPanel.

The error does not tell you what the problem is so you don't know how to fix.

To display error details, please follow instruction below.

1. Open web.config file in wwwroot folder.

2. Add the following line before </system.webServer> tag.

<httpErrors errorMode="Detailed" />

3. Save the file then refresh web page to see error details.

Another possible reason causing the error is you disable Network Service read permission which means IIS cannot read web.config file and throws error.

  500.19 internal server error Cannot read configuration file

You receive error on website: HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error

Config Error Cannot read configuration file

Config File \\?\D:\Websites\hosting-username\your-domain.com\wwwroot\web.config

The error means IIS cannot read configuration file web.config under wwwroot folder.

When you add hosting account for a domain, websitepanel create 3 folders wwwroot, data, logs under your-domain.com folder.

Website files must be uploaded to wwwroot folder.

IIS cannot read configuration file either because you remove wwwroot folder or "Network Service" read permission on wwwroot folder is missing.

There are 2 options to fix the error:

1. If you have not uploaded any data, please try to delete and re-add hosting space to reset permission.

2. If you uploaded a lot of files and don't want to delete hosting space,  you can manually recreate wwwroot folder following steps below:

+ Login WebsitePanel, navigate to hosting space

+ Select File Manager -> go to your-domain.com check if wwwroot folder exists

+ If wwwroot folder does not exist, recreate wwwroot folder.

+ Click Lock icon next to wwwroot folder to apply read & write permission for Network Service.

If you are are still unable to fix error, please open ticket with technical support.

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