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To work with the hosting control panel is published User's Guide. Here you can learn about ways to work with him.


  User's Guide

Full user's guide in .pdf

  Create virtual directory to run asp.net application in subfolder
  Websitepanel How to Edit Domain DNS zone
  Sub-domains are not allowed for the parent domain
  MSSQL Database Upgrade
  How to restore MSSQL 2005/2008 database?
  How to Login DotNetPanel
  How to configure Secure Folder in WebsitePanel?
  How to backup MySQL & MSSQL database in WebsitePanel
  How can i preview website pre-propagation in DotNetPanel
  How can i enable ASP.NET 4.0 in Websitepanel?
  Dotnetpanel where to upload files?

  Create virtual directory to run asp.net application in subfolder

By default you can upload asp.net application to wwwroot folder and run website.

If you want to host asp.net application in a subfolder, you have to configure virtual directory for the sub-folder.

Please follow instruction below to create virtual directory in DotNetPanel

1. Login DotNetPanel

2. Navigate to hosting space -> Web Sites

3. Select website you want to host asp.net application -> Virtual Dirs

You can create a Virtual Directory with the same name as actual directory.

  Websitepanel How to Edit Domain DNS zone

Please follow steps below to edit dns zone of your domain

Select hosting space -> Domains -> Select a domain -> Edit DNS zone records

If you want to recreate default dns records, select disable DNS then enable DNS.


  Sub-domains are not allowed for the parent domain

When adding instant alias in Dotnetpanel, you receive error "Sub-domains are not allowed for the parent domain"

The error occurs when you use custom domain for instant alias but the domain is not allowed to set up sub-domain.

This is a security feature of Dotnetpanel to prevent domain hijack.

You can follow steps below to fix error:

1. Go to Hosting space, check domain in Instant Alias setting

2. Go to Domains and find the domain configured for intant alias

3. Select the domain to bring up management page and select checkbox "Allow customer sub-domains".


  MSSQL Database Upgrade

All windows hosting plans at PremiumReseller.com include SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 databases.

Default MSSQL database limit is 300MB Data file & 500MB Transaction log.

Upgrade fee for 1GB Data file & 1GB Transaction log is $10/month per database.

Upgrade fee for 2GB Data file & 2GB Transaction log is $20/month per database.

SQL Profiling service: $10 / 2 Minutes Trace

From control panel, you can easily check database size, run backup & restore database.

  How to restore MSSQL 2005/2008 database?

You can restore MSSQL database from DotNetPanel by following instruction below

1. Login Dotnetpanel

2. Browse to the hosting space

3. Select SQL 2005 / SQL2008 database, you will see a list of databases created

4. Click on a database to go to management page

Expand Maintenance Tools you will see backup and restore database option.

5. Select Restore > Uploaded File and browse to backup file on your computer

The recommended way is upload backup file to hosting space and select restore from Hosting Space File.

Backup file should be in .bak format or a zip of .bak file.

After restoring database, you have to add user to access the database.

All windows reseller hosting plans at PremiumReseller include MSSQL databases so you don't need to pay any extra.

  How to Login DotNetPanel

User use to login DotNetPanel:

http://cp.asphostus.net or http://cp.your-domain.com


Webmail Link: http://webmail.yourdomain.com


New customers may need to wait 24 hours for dns update propogated on the internet.

  How to configure Secure Folder in WebsitePanel?
+ First you need to disable Integrated Windows Authentication

Hosting Space -> Websites -> select website -> uncheck Integrated Windows Authentication

The only option enabled in Authentication section is Allow Anonymous Access

+ Change Asp.net to Integrated Pipeline mode

Hosting Space -> Websites -> select website -> Extensions -> ASP.NET 2.0 Integrated Pipeline

+ Then Enable Secure Folders in Website Setting and add user/group to access folder.

  How to backup MySQL & MSSQL database in WebsitePanel
You can generate database backup in WebsitePanel by following steps below
1. Login WebsitePanel, navigate to hosting space
2. Select the database you want to create backup
3. Expace Maintenance Tools tab, you will see backup & restore database option.
4. Click Backup button to download backup to your computer.

  How can i preview website pre-propagation in DotNetPanel

You transfer website from another server and want to check if website works ok before changing dns?

Option 1:

When you add domain & create website In DotNetPanel, you need to tick the check box "Create Instant Alias" which will create domain alias for previewing website.


Option 2:

If you do not select the option when adding hosting account, you can create instant alias to preview website by:

Go to hosting space -> select Domains -> click on domain you want to preview.

Select "Create Instant Alias" to create preview link.


Option 3:

You can manually add subdomain of server hostname as domain alias to preview website:

1. Go to Domains, select Add Domains -> Domain Alias.

2. Add domain alias yourdomain.asphostus.net where asphostus.net is server hostname.

Please contat support if you don't know server hostname.

  How can i enable ASP.NET 4.0 in Websitepanel?

Please follow steps below to enable ASP.NET 4.0 in websitepanel (Dotnetpanel)

1. Login Websitepanel, navigate to hosting space -> websites

2. Select website -> Extensions -> choose ASP.NET 4.0 in dropdown and click Update

Websitepanel allow users to enable/disable ASP, PHP, ASP.NET

  Dotnetpanel where to upload files?

Default directory structure of a hosting account when adding website in dotnetpanel is

yourdomain.com > three sub-folders wwwroot, log, db

Website files should be uploaded to yourdomain.com\wwwroot folder.

If there are more than one domain in a hosting space, you will see all domains listed in ftp.

You can view details of hosting space in Dotnetpanel. After login Dotnetpanel, select hosting space, select View Space Summary on right menu.

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